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The specialized magazine for international art fairs



Constantly evolving, the art market never ceases to surprise us with its creativity, trendsetting and the interest it arouses. We are reminded of it on a regular basis at major international events such as Art Paris, Art Basel, FIAC or Art Dubai.


It was high time an art magazine filled the missing link between these world-class events and the actors contributing to their development, namely artists, gallery owners, art lovers and, of course, great collectors.


Such is the mission of Artabazos Magazine, a new luxury publication offering a special issue for every edition of partner art fairs. Translated in several languages and free of charge, Artabazos Magazine is distributed through our network and can also be found at international art fairs and artistic events.

Our Team : 

Golan Rouzkhosh I Chairman and Founder


Sacha Rouzkhosh I Development Manager

Golan Rouzkhosh I Director of Publication

Bertrand Bourguine I Editor in Chief

Stephane MICHEL I Artistique Direction

Stephane UTASSE I Iconographe

Clara NONNEMACHER I Translation and Correction

Stefan Soler I Communication and Public Relations


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